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Women & Constitution Working Group Document

In May 2011, the Women and Memory Forum initiated the “Women & Constitution Working Group.” This working group came to light after the January 2011 Revolution and is part of the Coalition of Egyptian Feminist Organizations. It works in coordination with the “Let’s Write Our Constitution” initiative and the “Popular Committee for Constitution Writing”.

Finaal dostorThe “Women & Constitution Working Group” has studied gender relevant articles in different versions of the Egyptian constitution as well as in the constitutions of other countries. It aims to engage with the current endeavours to amend the Egyptian constitution, and has invited members of the Coalition of Egyptian Feminist Organizations to participate.

The working group is composed of a number of feminist researchers and activists: Amani Khalil (Member of the Violence Against Women Program at El-Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of the Victims of Violence), Amina El-Bendary (Assistant Professor of Arab and Islamic Civilizations at the American University in Cairo and member of the Board of Trustees of the Women and Memory Forum), Hala Kamal (Lecturer at Cairo University, specialized in women’s studies, and a co-founder of the Women and Memory Forum), Marwa Sharaf El-Dein (human rights activist), Maissan Hassan (Research Officer at the Women and Memory Forum), Salma El-Naqash (Researcher at Nazra for Feminist Studies), Sara Naguib (political activist) and Yara Sallam (lawyer and manager of the Women Human Rights Defenders Program at Nazra for Feminist Studies).
The Women & Constitution Working Group suggests a number of new constitutional articles on issues of equality and non-discrimination, political participation, labour, childhood, education, personal freedoms and heath care.
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