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The Women and Memory Forum Concludes its “Translating Gender” Book Series

The Women and Memory Forum’s project, “Translating Gender”, has now come to an end with the publication of the WMF’s seventh and final book of the Translating Gender series. The project was initiated in line with the WMF’s mission of knowledge production. The series translates feminist thought and reproduces it in Arabic, thereby producing new feminist epistemological terms which eventually construct an Arabic feminist dictionary.



In order to address the scarcity of Arabic writing on gender and feminist theory, the WMF has issued seven readers about feminism in the social sciences and humanities:

The Reader on Gender and Political Science, ed. Mervat Hatem, trans. Shohrat El-Alem.

The Reader on Feminism and Religious Studies, ed. Omaima Abou-Bakr, trans. Randa Aboubakr.

The Reader on Feminism and History, ed. Hoda Elsadda, trans. Abir Abbas.

The Reader on Feminism and Literary Criticism, ed. and trans. Hala Kamal.

The Reader on Gender and Anthropology/Sociology, ed. Hania Sholkamy, trans. Seham Abdel-Salam.

The Reader on Women and Psychoanalysis, ed. Afaf Mahfouz, trans. Aida Seif El-Dawla.

The Reader on Feminism and Sexuality, ed. Hala Kamal and Aya Sami, trans. Aida Seif El-Dawla.


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