Women and Memory Forum

Training Workshop: Research Methods in Oral History From a Gender-Sensitive Perspective


The Women and Memory Forum is organizing a training workshop on research methods in oral history from a gender-sensitive perspective on 22nd-24th April 2016.

The workshop provides training in the Arabic language for researchers interested in feminist research methodologies, oral history methodologies, and approaches to interpreting oral texts. The workshop also gives training in the various practical methods of examining oral history.

Interactive sessions allow participants to exchange experiences and expand their knowledge.

Venue: The Women and Memory headquarters at 12 Soliman Abaza – Dokki –Giza.
Registration:  Send a CV to diana.abdelfattah@wmf.org.eg  with Oral History Workshop in the subject.
Deadline: 17th April 2016

The Women and Memory Forum is a feminist, non-profit, research organization which aims to contribute to the production and dissemination of alternative knowledge on women and gender in the Arab region. It also aims to reread Arab cultural history in order to create a new cultural and social awareness that is supportive of women’s social and intellectual roles in the face of dominant negative stereotypes.

Organizing Committee: Hoda Elsadda, Maissan Hassan, Diana Abdelfattah.

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