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The Fifth Edition of “Memory Papers

A picture of the demands of the Egyptian feminist movement throughout its history

Author: Hala Kamal

This paper presents a reading of the Egyptian feminist movements that follows forms of feminist works and the demands that Egyptian feminists raised over the course of the twentieth century and the turn of the current century. This study makes use of feminist theory and feminist history to create a map of the Egyptian women’s movement and feminist work over more than 100 years of Egyptian history.

أوراق الذاكرة 5 - غلاف_Page_1


Educational Lectures in Gender Studies

Documentary book

Supervision: Dr. Omima Abu Bakr

Presentation: Dr. Hala Kamal

This series of educational lectures on gender come from a comprehensive project directed towards young researches in Egypt and the Arab world, with a focus on defining the most important feminist research methods across disciplines. This program holds educational lectures in gender studies, in Arabic, with the cooperation of public Egyptian universities.

محاضرات تعليمية - غلاف


Question and Answer

On Gender and Feminism

Concept: Dr. Omima Abu Bakr

Preparation: Dr. Hoda Elsaadi and Ayya Sami

This publication discusses various questions connected to gender and feminism. The proposed questions are a collective product of the WMF team and suggestions from actors in the feminist movement. The goal of this series of questions and answers is to define the essential concepts of gender and feminism in a simplified form for non-specialists.Q&As Cover

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