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The Women Storytellers Said

Hala Kamal, 2007 Books


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Qalat al-rawiyaat… ma lam taqulhu Shahrzad  (The Women Storytellers Said… What Shahrazad Didn’t Say) is a collection of gender sensitive stories written by eight Egyptian women writers affiliated to the “Women and Memory Storytelling Group”. Working with the editor, the writers reworked versions of tales from the famous Alf Layla tradition (The Thousand and One Nights). The writing workshop, which included eight participants (Hala Kamal, Maha El-Said, Mona Ibrahim, Mounira Soliman, Omaima Abou-Bakr, Sahar El-Mougy, Seham Abdel-Salam and Soha Raafat), produced a number of texts that were party interwoven  in this book.

Edited by: Hala Kamal

The Women Storytellers Said… What Shahrazad Didn’t Say is comprised of a collection of stories narrated by various female speakers and inspired by a supposed collection of tales written by Shahrazad herself a long time ago. The female narrators find the collection of tales in an old castle, read them together, and write a gender-sensitive reworking of these tales inspired by the famous alf layla tradition (A Thousand and One Nights). The book is written by the She Said: Gender Sensitive Storytelling Workshop in the Women and Memory Forum. It is a workshop comprised of a group of women writers who use storytelling as a means of empowering women in stories and giving them positive and effective roles.

Published by: Women and Memory Forum
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