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Reader on Gender and Political Science

Mervat F. Hatem, 2010 Books


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In the first section of this book the editor presents a selection of seminal articles discussing critical perspectives from American political science on the study of women and gender. This section aims at highlighting the sociohistorical, institutional and intellectual contexts of these theoretical contributions. The second section includes articles written by scholars of Middle East political science using the gender perspective to discuss various issues: Kemalism in Turkey; political liberalism in Jordan Tunisia and Morocco; globalization discourses and the representation of Islamic societies and Egyptian women; political participation in mosques in the U.S.; the musicality of Palestinian nationalism; paid labor and women’s liberation; and integrating the family in the study of civil society in Egypt. The Women and Memory Forum has published this book under its Translating Gender project, which aims at providing Arab students and researchers with seminal articles on gender in the humanities and the social sciences.    The book includes the following articles: Section I: Critical Perspectives from American Political Science on the Study of Women and Gender 1- “Feminist Challenges to Political Science”, Susan Carroll and Linda Zarilli 2-“Beyond Equality: Gender, Justice and Difference”, Jane Flax 3-“Engendering Political Science: An Immodest Proposal”, Mary Hawkesworth 4-“Black Womanhood and Social Welfare Policy: The Influence of Her Image on Policy Making”, Julia Jordan Zachary   Section II: Middle East Political Science and the Study of Women and Gender in National, Comparative and International Contexts 5-“Kemalism and Turkish Women”, Zehra Arat 6-“Introduction: Women, the State and Political Liberalization, Middle Eastern and North African Experiences”, Laurie Brand 7-“In the Eye of the Storm: Islamic Societies and Muslim Women in Globalization Discourses, Mervat Hatem 8-“Mosques, Collective Identity and Gender Differences among Arab-American Muslims”, Amaney Jamal 9-“Does Gender Discrimination Explain Arab Authoritarianism?” Vickie Langor  10-“Restoring the Family to Civil Society”, Diane Singerman 11-“Conceiving the Masculine: Gender and Palestinian Nationalism”, Joseph Massad 12-“Is Paid Work the (Only) Answer? Neoliberalism, Arab Women’s Well Being and the social Contract”, Jennifer Olmsted

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