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This book is published by the Women and Memory Forum as part of the “Feminist Translations” series. This series translates into Arabic knowledge produced by Western academics and organizations in order to increase its visibility and encourage intellectual interaction, understanding, critique, and application.

This book seeks to present the most significant features of feminist literary criticism, an intellectual field where feminist theory and literary theory interact. The book begins with a diverse selection of studies and articles addressing methodological issues in feminist criticism before turning to central concepts and, finally, the relationship between literary genre, feminine creativity, and feminist criticism.

The book contains a useful introduction addressing the establishment and development of the feminist school of thought in literary criticism. The introduction traces the crystallization of two currents of feminist criticism in Egypt: one that leans heavily on Western feminist theory and another that has emerged from inside the Arab tradition of literary criticism. The introduction also turns to the issue of translation, using the framework of academic translation studies to address the experience of translating feminist texts into Arabic.

As a volume in the “Feminist Translations” series, we view this book as a contribution to Arabic libraries in general and to those specializing in women’s studies and gender perspectives specifically. We foresee the potential to use this series as an academic reference in postgraduate programs in Arab academic institutions.


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