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This book is published by the Women and Memory Forum as part of the “Feminist Translations” series. This series seeks to translate specialist knowledge in the field of gender studies into Arabic with the goal of supporting researchers and encouraging cooperation and the exchange of research expertise between specialists and students.

This book includes articles and empirical research in gender studies and history that have had an important influence in the development of new concepts and styles of historical research adopting a feminist perspective. This volume also includes an interview conducted  1999 on the Women and Memory project that addresses the importance of re-reading Arab cultural history through a feminist lens.

In addition to the selected articles, this volume contains an introduction from the editor that discusses the reasoning behind the selections and the intellectual background to some of the concepts. The book also contains an article by the translator discussing the most significant contextual and linguistic issues that she faced in the process of translating feminist terms and concepts into Arabic.

As a volume in the “Feminist Translations” series, we view this book as a contribution to Arabic libraries in general and to those specializing in women’s studies and gender perspectives specifically. We foresee the potential to use this series as an academic reference in postgraduate programs in Arab academic institutions.

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