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Aisha Taymur: Challenges of Change and Continuity

Aisha Taymur, 2004 Books


Aisha Taymur-Challenges of Change and Continuity
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Articles in this book were read at the conference organized by WMF to remember Aisha Taymur (1840-1902): the Egytptian poet, writer and social commentator.  The book includes the following chapters: – Hoda Elsadda: Introduction: Aisha Taymur and the Challenges of Change and Continuity in the Nineteenth Century – Latifa Salem: The Social and Cultural History of the 1890s. – Kamal Mughith: Aisha Taymur and the Questions of Enlightenment. – Iman Amer: Society and Discourses on Women: The Case of Aisha Taymur. – Nabila Ibrahim: The Poetics of Feminist Writing: Aisha Taymur. – Lamia Tewfik: The Prison of Blindness and the Horizons of Identity in the Poetry of Aisha Taymur. – Mervat Hatem: Modernist Discourse and Aisha Taymur’s Vision of Social and Political Change in Egypt Between 1872-1890. – Omaima Abou-Bakr: The Image of ‘Man’ in Islamic Writings: Between Medieval and Modern Quranic Commentaries. – Hoda Elsadda: The Woman Question in National Discourse: A Reading of Abdallah Al-Nadim’s Magazine “Al-Ustaaz” .

Edited by: Hoda Elsadda

This book compiles a collection of valuable research papers presented at a conference entitled: Aisha Taymour: Challenges of Change and Continuity in the Nineteenth Century , which took place in May 2002. The conference was organized by the Women and Memory Forum to revive the collective memory of Aisha Taymour. The papers in this collection shed light on Aisha Taymour’s influence on Egyptian intellectual life in this important transitional phase of Egyptian history

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