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A Reader on Gender and Anthropology/Sociology



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This collection of translated articles provides readers interested in gender studies and the social sciences with access to conversations of essential importance. The volume includes academic articles originally published in English in books and specialized academic journals. The past decades have witnessed the liberation of the social sciences from the hegemony of a single authoritative voice and from the dominance of specific approaches and theoretical interpretations. This selection of articles seeks, in the first instance, to introduce readers to the notion of gender as an imaginary and as a social construction and to present particular academic contributions on the topic. Additionally, this collection seeks to empower Arabic-speaking male and female researchers by providing them with a sample of work from researchers in the fields of gender studies and women’s studies demonstrating how gender appears and develops as an imaginary and a social construction.


As a volume in the “Feminist Translations” series, we view this book as a contribution to Arabic libraries in general and to those specializing in women’s studies and gender perspectives specifically. We foresee the potential to use this series as an academic reference in postgraduate programs in Arab academic institutions.


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