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The Wedad Mitri collection contains the private papers of social activist Wedad Mitri, and includes documents like her CV and school, university, and honorary degrees as well as personal photos and photos of friends and colleagues over her lifetime. The collection also includes handwritten private notes and memoirs that she recorded during her travels, correspondence that traces her activity in and affiliations to various organizations, as well as rare newspaper clippings, all of which contribute to an understanding of an important period in Egypt and the Arab region.

"She was not only a capable teacher and instructor, but also a role model. She turned a school hated by students and run by a hard and tyrannical principal to a place they longed to go to in order to meet with their beloved teacher, Mrs. Widad."

- Former student

Wedad Mitri Antoun (1927-2007) was born October 9th, 1927 in Shubra, Cairo. She was a activist in the Egyptian leftist movement and a pioneer in social work. She received a BA in Philosophy from the University of Fouad I (now Cairo University) in 1952. She worked as a teacher for seven years, and was the first to initiate a course journalism in school. She was politically active during the years from 1956 to 1967, joining the Egyptian Communist movement at the age of twenty-three. She was an ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause, and joined the Women’s Committee for People’s Resistance in 1956. Mitri was also the first founder of a women’s organization in the village of Barageel in Fayoum. At the ninety-year anniversary commemoration of  Cairo University, Mitri was given an honorary certificate from the College of Media, in celebration of  60 years of founding the Department of Media Studies. The certificate script read that it was in “acknowledgement of her distinctive contribution to the development of Egyptian media throughout the rich years of her work and her genuine efforts in the service of our beloved country”.

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