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Amira Sonbol

Amira Sonbol is Professor of Islamic History, Law and Society in Georgetown University, Doha Qatar campus, where she teaches courses on the History of Modern Egypt, Women and Law, and Islamic Civilization. She is also is the Founder and Director of the Qatar University International Affairs Program and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of HAWWA: the Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World and Co-Editor of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations. She holds an MA in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the American University in Cairo and a Ph.D. in History from Georgetown University, Washington DC. Sonbol is widely regarded as a leading scholar in the fields of Modern Egyptian History, Islamic History, and Gender and Islam. Her publications include The New Mamluks:Egyptian Society and Modern Feudalism (2001); Women, the Family and Divorce Laws in Islamic History (1996); The Creation of a Medical Profession in Egypt: 1800-1922(1991); The Memoirs of Abbas Hilmi II: Sovereign of Egypt (1999); Beyond the Exotic: Women’s Histories in Islamic Societies (2007) and Women of Jordan: Life, Work and Law (2002).


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