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WMF Publishes A Guide Book on its ““Archive of Women’s Oral History” Project

Women and Memory Forum has published a guidebook on its project “Archive of Women’s Oral History, titled” “Documenting the Stories and Experiences of Women from a Gendered Perspective.”




WMF published this guidebook in order to document the experiences of the WMF in developing its oral history archive in Egypt, and in the Arab world, which takes into account gender with the goal of producing alternative knowledge about women, history, and society – knowledge which lays the foundation for a more just life for women and men.

The guidebook, supervised by Dr. Hoda el-Sada, is divided into two parts. The first part presents the theoretical background of the project and sheds light on the stages of preparation and implementation. It also illuminates some of the challenges faced in the process of building an oral archive. The first part also includes a quick look at the training workshop organized by WMF about methods of research for oral history with a gendered perspective, in addition to a presentation of snapshots from some interviews.

The second part contains a collection of selected readings about oral history from a gendered perspective.

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