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WMF Publishes ” “Bina’a we Nidal: from the archives of the Egyptian feminist movement”

Just published by Women and Memory Forum

“Bina’a we Nidal (Building and Struggling): from the archives of the Egyptian feminist movement”

Author: Hoda ElSadda and Maissan Hassan

This book aims at documenting the Egyptian feminist movement through photographs, publications and articles published in newspapers and magazines. This visual material constitutes historical documents that illuminate important aspects of history. The book deals with two main points in the history of the women’s movement: First, that Women played an active role in building the institutions of Egyptian civil society and thus building modern Egypt, and second, that women fought many battles to develop the society, defend rights and freedoms, and achieve justice for all.
The book is divided into two parts: the first part sheds light on some of the organizations and associations established or participated by women as selected models from a rich and diverse heritage. The second part highlights some of the battles fought by women, and not all of them of course.



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