Women’s Time and Alternate Memory

Hoda Elsadda, 1998 Books


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This book includes eighteen articles by researchers belonging to different disciplines of the humanities. Though the articles reflect a variety of methodologies and viewpoints, they share an alternative position vis-à vis dominant discourses. Most of the researchers simultaneously revive and deconstruct the content of the historical text, with the aim of purging it of its biases and filling its silent spaces. They dig for the experiences, status, and circumstances of Arab women across the centuries. The book also includes a number of articles that challenge the narrative form of historical texts. The articles include:   -Tawfiq Bachrouch: A Feminist Alternate History  -Mariam Buzeid: Women, Inhibited Memory, Disabling History -Noha Bayoumi: The Suppressed in the Inscribed Time -Huda Lutf: Al-Sakhawi’s Kittab Al-Nisa as a Source for the Social and Economic History of Muslim Women During the Fifteenth Century AD -Nadia Al-Cheikh: The Self and the Other: The Byzantine Woman in Islamic Sources – The Problematic of the Enlightenment Era in Lebanese Women’s Press (1892-1920) -Imad Badreddin Abu-Ghazi and Nahawand Al-Kadry Issa: A New Reading of Old Documents: Notes on Some Arabic Documents in Egypt -Omaima Abou-Bakr: A Reading of the History of Muslim ‘Abidat -Farida Bennani Feminist Voices in Religious Debates – Iman Bibars: My Relationship with Om Nader and Shadia: The Interrelated Relationships Between the Researcher and the Researched – Anisa Al-Amin Marie: The Post-War Woman in Lebanon -Mervat Hatem: Tears of Aisha Taymur: A Critique of Modernist and Feminist Discourses in Nineteenth Century Egypt -Najlaa Hamada: Images of Arab Women: Everyday Reality, Literature, Tradition and Westernisation -Rema Hammami: Gender, Labor and Culture: Remembering Experiences of Labor Among Palestinian Peasant Women Prior to the ‘Nakbe’ of 1948 -Islah Jad: Forgotten History: Who Remembers Women’s Roles in Politics – Somaya Ramadan: The French Invasion of Egypt: A Feminist Reading -Hoda Elsadda: Women’s Biographies and Cultural Identity: Representations of ‘Aisha Bint Abi Bakr

Edited by: Hoda Elsadda Somaia Ramadan Omaima Abou-bakr

Women’s Time and Alternative Memory is a book that recognizes the need to reconsider Arabic heritage from a gender perspective which takes into account the social and cultural dimensions of the study of women. The book contains diverse articles and papers presented at a conference organised by the Women and Memory Forum on the topic. It also includes other studies carried out in the field of cultural history focusing on previous historical periods in Arab history as well as on Arab women today. The large variety of topics guarantees a diversity of subject matter and points of view. One article poses questions about the idea of alternative memory from a male perspective of women’s issues. A second article criticises, defines and redefines the creation of alternative memory, comparing the power of authority with the power of knowledge, and the significance of writing in creating space for women’s history and voice. Another article analyses the discourse used by some Muslim writers in the description of Byzantine women in order to uncover various ideological trends in constructing the images of women. A fourth article explores news items on women in Egyptian and Lebanese newspapers at the beginning of the twentieth century to depict the interests of women at the time.

Published by: Women and Memory Forum
Organziation URL: http://www.wmf.org.eg/
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