Women’s Stories

Hala Kamal, 1999 Books


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This book is a collection of fairytales edited with an introduction by Hala Kamal. It includes examples of gender-sensitive rewritten fairytales and feminist stories as well as a section with the source texts. In the introduction of the book, the editor sheds light on the use of language, writing, perspective and the feminist voice in the rewritten versions. She is particularly concerned with forms of countering the misrepresentations of women in popular culture.

Edited by: Hala Kamal

Popular folktales in the Arab world reveal a great deal about the lives of Arab women. They also reflect the point of view of a patriarchal society which colours the construction and details of each story. Therefore, folktales reflect, on the one hand the problems of any society, and on the other its inherent biases. The Women and Memory Forum held a series of meetings entitled Reading and Writing Arab Folktales from the Perspective of Women . The outcome of these gatherings was this series of stories and folktales inspired by Arab folktales and re-written from Arab women’s perspective.

Published by: Women and Memory Forum
Organziation URL: http://www.wmf.org.eg/
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