The Smart Boy and the Smart Girl’s Seven-Day Story

Seham, Daughter of Saneya and Abdel Salam, 2002 Children's Stories


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This story tells of a girl and a boy who learn to be positive in life and to respect their own environment. They each choose a path, namely the “Path of Safety” and the “Path of Regret”, by which they learn that what they make of their own path is what it becomes.


The Smart Boy and the Smart Girl’s Seven-Day Story tells the story of a boy and girl who take different paths in life. While the Smart Girl chooses to take the ’Path of Regret’, the Smart Boy chooses to take the ’Path of Safety’ and their adventures in their chosen paths begin. At the end of the story the children discover that the paths of life are not chosen in advance and that they are able to cause change and take their lives into their own hands. The story encourages children to overcome the obstacles of life bravely and with no regrets. It is written by the She Said: Gender Sensitive Storytelling Workshop in the Women and Memory Forum. This workshop is comprised of a group of women writers who use storytelling as a means of empowering women in stories and giving them positive and effective roles. Their aim is to present women in a more realistic light and to battle the stereotypical and prescribed roles assigned to them in traditional storytelling

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