Tarikhi bi qalami

Nabawaiya Musa, 1999 Books


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Tarikhi bi qalami (My History) consists of autobiographical essays written by Nabawiyya Musa (1886-1951) in the first half of the twentieth century. It is a valuable publication since it is one of the few autobiographies by Egyptian women in modern times, and also because there are very few surviving copies in Egyptian libraries. Nabawiyya Musa wrote numerous essays on social and political issues and was an advocate and supporter of girls’ education in Egypt.

Edited by: Hala Kamal Rania Abdel-Rahman

My History is the autobiographical work of Nabawiyah Moussa. This edition of the autobiography was reprinted by The Women and Memory Forum as part of an attempt to revive the collective memory of women who undertook leading roles in modern Egyptian history but were forgotten. Their aim is to stress the effective role of women in the creation of a collective national memory despite the history of marginalization in the intellectual and public spheres. This book is one of few autobiographical works left to us by Egyptian women of the modern era. Its importance lies in its authentic, direct self-presentation which amalgamates personal experiences with the memory of historical events. My History reflects on issues such as childhood memories, human nature, gender roles, adolescence and love, the education of girls, war, achievements, and philosophical reflections on self pride, freedom etc

Published by: Women and Memory Forum
Organziation URL: http://www.wmf.org.eg/
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