Mir’at Al-Ta’amul fil Omou

Aisha Taymur, 2002 Books


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Mir’at Al-Ta’amul fil Omour (Reflection on issues) was first published in 1892 by the Egyptian writer and poet Aisha Taymur. The book is an early — though not well known —landmark in the modern history of Egyptian women. Its significance lies in the fact that it is the first documented attempt by an educated Muslim woman writer to engage in the religious and intellectual debate over the Islamic rights and duties of men and women, as presented in particular Qur’anic verses. The writer not only presents her reading of Qur’anic principles in the light of the contemporaneous social and cultural scene, but she also spurs strong reactions from other male religious  figures. The re-publication of this work, with a new introduction by Mervat Hatem, is part of a series initiated by the Women and Memory Forum to revive women’s memory and their achievements in the intellectual, cultural, and activist spheres of Arab history.

Edited by: Mervat F. Hatem

Reflections on Issues is Aisha Taymour’s attempt to shed light on the nature of the relationship between husbands and wives and the complexity of this relationship in many Egyptian families. Furthermore, Taymour’s Reflections explain the reasons behind domestic problems and present a bold attempt to discuss the Quranic verses that outline the rights of men over their women and vice versa

Published by: Women and Memory Forum
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