Huriyya’s Stories

Soha Raafat, 2003 Books


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In this book Soha Raafat establishes a number of dialogues between Huriyya, her female protagonist- who adopts a rebellious, questioning, and sarcastic voice- and a male patriarchal voice. Through a series of pastiches, the author highlights cultural givens that undermine women’s identities.


Horeya’s Stories is a book comprised of a group of short comical stories which shed light on various societal and marital issues faced by Egyptian women in their daily lives. The book is written by the She Said: Gender Sensitive Storytelling Workshop in the Women and Memory Forum. This workshop is comprised of a group of women writers who use storytelling as a means of empowering women in stories and giving them positive and effective roles. Their aim is to present women in a more realistic light and to battle the stereotypical and prescribed roles assigned to them in traditional storytelling.

Published by: Women and Memory Forum
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