Feminism and Religious Studies

Omaima Abou-Bakr, 2012 Books


cover for print


This book is part of the series “Feminist Translations” presented by the Women and Memory Forum. The general goal of this series is to transmit specialized knowledge into Arabic in the academic fields related to the intersection between feminism as a research method, critical theory, and religious studies. Furthermore, this series introduces these issues to the field of feminist religious studies in its establishment and development, and in terms of reaping the benefits of current research and knowledge – particularly from the work of Christian feminism in the West and Islamic feminism.

“Feminism and Religious Studies” is divided into two parts. The first part includes selected research about feminism in Christian Studies. The second part deals with research in Islamic Studies. In addition to this group of selected studies, the book includes an adequate foreword about the concept of religious feminism written by the book’s editor. It also includes an article in which the translator discusses the most important issues of translation feminist religious texts.

We have therefore published the second book in the series of “Feminist Translations.” We consider this book and this series of translations to be important for Arab public libraries and for specialists in feminist studies and gender. We look forwards to the potential uses of this series as an educational resource in higher education programs as well as in Arab academic institutions.

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