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Al-Nisa’iyyat (On Women’s Issues) consists of a collection of essays written by Malak Hifni Nassef (1886-1918), a pioneer of the Feminist movement in Egypt.  The essays first appeared in the magazine Al-Jaridah in the first decade of the twenteeth century. They were published as a book in 1910, with an introduction by Ahmad Lutfi Al-Sayyid. In 1925, the book was reprinted and more articles, letters and commemorative essays were added.

Edited by: Hoda Elsadda

This book was reprinted to honor the memory of Malak Hifni Nassef (1886-1918) and to commemorate the passing of eighty years since her early death at the age of thirty two. This publication is the first of a series of memorial publications on women made by the Women and Memory Forum. The book contains a series of articles written by Malak Nassif, entitled Women’s Issues (Nisa’iyyat), originally published in Al Jareeda newspaper at the beginning of the twentieth century. Malak Nassef has an important role and special standing amongst the leaders of the Egyptian renaissance which took place in the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. Her articles explore various issues that touch on the lives of women and examine their place in society. The importance of this publication is that it indicates the beginning of the process of introducing women to the public sphere through writing and publishing

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