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A Reader on Women and Psychoanalysis

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النساء والتحليل النفسي
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This book includes a collection of selected articles from “The Annual of Psychoanalysis: Psychoanalysis and Women” published by the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, which focus on the issue of women and psychoanalysis. This book includes a number of articles from historical studies on the role of women in the founding of and developments in psychoanalysis, highlighting a number of pioneering female psychoanalysts. It also consists of articles that present personal mediations from contemporary female psychoanalysts on the relationship between psychoanalysis, women, their curriculum vitae, and history.

This book, titled “Psychoanalysis and Women” is part of the series “Feminist Translations,” edited by Dr. Afaf Mahfouz. Dr. Mahfouz is a professor of law and an international advisor in matters of women and psychoanalysis. The work was translated into Arabic by Dr. Aida Seif El Dawla, a human rights activist and professor of Psychiatry at Ein Shams University.

The WFM has published this book because we view it as an important addition to the Arabic literature in feminist and gender studies. We look forward to the possibilities for this book to be used as an educational resource in higher education and in Arab academic institutions.

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